in.touch ic


Start your in.touch ic application

icone in.touch ic

Find the in.touch ic application icon, then tap on it to launch it.


Login page

in.touch ic login page

Before using your application, you must create an account first and then, you’ll be able to sign in. Your account will give you the opportunity to invite customers and have a proactive customer service, remote diagnostic and resolution.


New account creation


Easily create your account by filling the blanks.  When you choose to create a new account, you agree at the same time our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy


Initial use

in.touch ic initial use

The first time you will open your app, your list will be empty. There are two ways to add spas to your dashboard:

  • Invite a customer by sending an e-mail (see below)
  • Add a spa with your local network

Your in.touch ic dashboard

in.touch ic dashboard

This page displays all the active states of your customers' spas. Each state is associated to a priority and every color has its own meaning to help you on how you can support your customers.


signal strength indicator


The Home Transmitter is not available.


The Spa Transmitter is not available


Spa State


There is presently an active user demand on the spa
(i.e. pump, blower or light is on)


There is an error on the spa.


The spa is now heating to the set point requested


The spa is now in economy mode


The spa is running normally (there is no user demand, heating, no filtration or economy active)


The spa is now in a filtering cycle.




You have access to your "Settings" page by touching the little guy on the top right corner. In the "Settings" page you can access the following:

  • Add a spa from local network
  •  Account
  • Invite a customer
  • Legal
  • Patents

To select an item, tap on the arrow next to it. It will open the selected menu.


Add a spa

add spa.jpg

This page displays all the spas detected by your application.

Once you have made a connection with your customer's spa, its name will be saved on this page to allow you to connect to this spa from anywhere.

There are 5 possible states for the RF signal strength of your customers (communication between the two in.touch 2 transmitters).  You can see the signal of each spa on your dashboard, at the left of the state color circle.


Signal superior to 80%


Signal between 80% and 51%


Signal between 50% and 31%


Signal below 30%


in.touch 2 home transmitter is not available


in.touch 2 spa transmitter is not available




Go to your "Settings" and select "Account".  This section gives you access to your account information.


Invite a customer

invite customers.jpg

This section gives you the possibility to invite a customer to better help him with a possible spa problem. The customer will need to accept your invitation on his application before you get access to his spa information.

To do so, you need to send a permission request to your customer to the same e-mail he used to initialize his own in.touch 2.  As soon as he accepts your invitation, you will see his spa on your Dashboard.




Your access to your customer's page

Once your customer gives you access to its spa, here are all the access you have to better help him.


Your customer's home page


Once you've click on your customer's name, you have access to its spa home page.  You can access the following:

  • Spa name
  • Account Settings
  • Current spa water temperature. Color varies according to most important active state. You need to touch the circle to change set point

  • Message center that indicates status of your spa: heating, filtration, error, etc.  If you click on the message center you will access the
    Spa state page

  • Settings menu

  • Reminders menu

  • Water Care menu

  • Accessories control line 


Spa State

Cust-Spa state.jpg

This page displays all the active states of your customer's spa. Below is a quick description of each state you may encounter. Each state is associated to a priority and color that determines the color of the widget on the home page.

The widget on the home page displays a single color at a time. The color displayed is decided by priority of state. The established priority is as listed above.


Indicates that there is an error on the spa.


Indicates that there is presently an active user demand on the spa (ie. pump, blower or light is on).


Indicates that the spa is now heating to set point.


Indicates that the spa is now in a filtering cycle.


Indicates that the spa is now in economy mode.


Indicates that the spa is running normally (there is no user demand, heating, no filtration or economy active).


Changing set point


Touch the centered widget to reveal the temperature control bar. Use the slider on the control bar to change your customer spa’s temperature set point.
Please note, if you are in economy mode your spa temperature will be 20°F below your set point.




Reminders page will help you to make a follow-up of your customer's maintenance. The in.touch 2 will remember your customer to perform required maintenance tasks on their spa, such as rinse filter or clean filter. Each task has its own reminder duration based on normal use. The owner can reset his reminders after the spa maintenance or you can do it for them if required with your in.touch ic.




According to your customer's spa control system configuration, you can start or stop an accessory by simply touching the associated icon. The icon will become animated when the accessory is on.  Press on the icon to start or stop the accessory.  If the accessory has more than one speed, press the button again until the desired speed is reached.

The icon designs are customized to your customer's spa control system configuration:










Control your customer's in.mix 300

Only available if an in.mix 300 is detected in your customer's spa accessories.


To turn on or off the in.mix 300, you can use the light icon on your home page.  To go to the in.mix 300 page, simply swap to the left.


The in.mix 300 page allows you to customize your customer's color zones in or around the spa. The light bulb icons allow you to turn on and off the in.mix 300.

To select a zone, click on the wanted one in the "zone selection" stripe.  To change the color, use the color wheel to choose the one you want.  On the left side, the intensity slider allows you to modify the brightness of your lights.  Use the rainbow icon to get color gradation.

The synchronization / desynchronization icon gives you the possibility to match the color of the selected zone with the other zones.


Water Care


The Water Care page will help you set up the ideal filtration and heating settings for your customer. Choose between Away from Home, Beginner, Energy Savings, Super Energy and Weekender, depending on their need. Touch the Water Care name you would like to activate, a green checkmark will appear on the icon, indicating you have selected it.

By default, each Water Care mode has pre-configured schedules of economy and filtration. To modify Water Care options, touch the pencil icon at the right end of the desired Water Care to open its menu.

Below you have a short description of each Water Care at default state:


Away From Home

Spa is always in economy with the set point reduced by 20° F.


Beginner Standard

Factory set filtration settings, economy mode not active.


Energy Savings

Economy mode during the peak hours of weekdays and normal mode on weekends.


Super Energy

Always in economy mode during peak hours, every day of the week.



In economy mode from Monday to Friday, and normal mode on weekends.


Modifying schedules


In this menu it is possible to add, remove or edit schedules of economy or filtration. To have access to this menu, simply touch the tabs:

Water Care menu - the little pen at the right of the wanted water care

Touch the Economy tab to modify the economy schedules and Filter cycle tab for the filtration schedules.

You can add economy or filtration schedules by touching the « + » symbol.

To delete a schedule, touch the garbage can icon at the right end of the desired line.

You can modify the programmed schedules by selecting one and adjusting the schedule.

You have several possibilities for the schedule (Mon-Fri, weekend, every day, or single days). The schedules will be repeated weekly. The time and duration are set in 30-minute increments. Once you have set the schedule, use the arrow at the top of the page to go back. Ensure that you have selected the desired Water Care mode in the main Water Care menu.

When an economy schedule is active, the set point will be reduced by 20°F, which means that the heating system will not be engaged unless the temperature falls to 20°F below the spa's set temperature.

The filtration schedule is applied to the main filtration pump, most likely pump 1. If your spa uses a circulation pump configured to run 24 hours, the screen will show purge schedules instead of filtration. The purges are pre-programmed for a fixed number of minutes, therefore the duration will be set to N/A on the screen and only the start time can be modified.


Spa Settings

Cust-spa settings.jpg

In your customer's Settings page you can access the following:

  • in.touch network
  • Temperature units
  • Change spa name
  • Technical info

To select an item, tap on the arrow next to it. It will open the selected menu.


in.grid heating management


Heating management will appear when an in.grid is detected. You can change your in.grid heating management without the need to open the spa skirt to change the jumper. 

You can choose between 4 modes:

  • Internal heater
  • External heater
  • Both
  • Smart
ingrid cooldown for in.touch ic

You can set a cooldown period for your customer's heater.  Pump will continue to run for this period after the heater has stopped.

You can choose between 3 time periods: 

  • 30 seconds
  • 120 seconds
  • 240 seconds

*The app default option is set at
30 seconds


in.touch network


The in.touch network menu allows you to have access to information concerning the RF connection parameters between the Home Transmitter and the Spa Transmitter. This menu gives you access to:

  • Channel
  • Signal strength
  • Reset channel (it resets channel to default)

To change channels, press on the Channel line.


The Change channel page allows you to change the channel used by the two in.touch 2 modules. In some cases, this can help your customer to have a stronger signal.


Temperature units

Cust-temp unit.jpg

This menu lets you change the units used to display temperature. 


Spa name

Cust-spa name.jpg

This section allows you to edit the name of your customer's spa.

spa name.jpg

Keypad lock mode


The lock mode menu will appear when the feature is enabled in the low level of your customer's spa control system.  A compatible keypad must also be used.

Compatible keypads are:

  •  "Non-intelligent" keypad
    (Everything except in.k1000, in.k800 or in.k500)
  •  in.k1000 keypad version 25.00 or higher

Your customer's technical info

Cust-tech info.jpg

This section shows information about the in.touch 2 software number and the revision numbers of the different components of your customer's system.

tech info.jpg